Brownwood Farm - Pear & Cinnamon Preserves  10 Oz

Brownwood Farm - Pear & Cinnamon Preserves 10 Oz

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Mix things up with Brownwood Farms Pear & Cinnamon Preserves. Made with top quality juicy pears and a dash of all-natural cinnamon to deliver you the taste you crave. Spread it on a piece of toast, or pile it up on a stack of pancakes. Brownwood Farms's preserves also go well in vinaigrettes or used as a sandwich spread. The possibilities are endless with all of their mouth-watering preserves!

Vegan, Gluten Free.
Made with 100% non-GMO ingredients.

Brownwood Farms, recently becoming part of the offerings from Milo's based in Athens, Ohio, features some of the best tasting and highest quality barbeque sauces, mustards, salsas, preserves and fruit butters.

Widely known for their Cherry Barbeque Sauce and Famous Kream Mustard™, the Brownwood Farms brand was built on the use of Michigan grown fruits and other local ingredients. The level of pride, freshness and commitment to quality that goes into every product is just like that found at roadside stands throughout the Great Lakes region. You will see in the ingredients that Brownwood Farms products are ones you will be happy serving to your family and friends.