Le Mas Des Confitures Orange Mango jam - 210 grams

Le Mas Des Confitures Orange Mango jam - 210 grams

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Le Mas Des Confitures is the best preserve in the world! And this is why this "Haute Confiture" is sold almost exclusively in 5 stars and plus luxury hotels all around the world, acclaimed and recognised by chefs who have chosen this brand and those preserves to please their demanding clientele.

As the exclusive importer & distributor of Le Mas Des Confitures, we bring their craftsmanship and deliciousness to you!

Bon appétit et bonne degustation!

Ingredients: Orange, Sugar, Pectin, Mango

Contains 70g of fruit per 100g final product.  

Handmade in small copper preserving pans, without additives or preservatives. Discover the subtle harmony between those two type of fruits. The key to its success: a very short cooking time and selecting the best fruits.

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